Do not wear jewelry as you work at home or in the garden, during sports, in the shower, while tanning or during your sauna visits. Mixed water with detergents and detergents as well as sweat ruin the surface of pearls and stones irrevocably. Knocks and bumps can create dents and scratches that are often irreparable.

Gold and silver jewel quickly lose their color if worn while swimming. Chlorine and salt water are the worst thing for jewels. The most delicate gemstones may be totally ruined if brought to the pool or to the sea. Pearl necklaces are especially sensitive as the necklace’s wire makes it hard to dry and consequently the pearls are likely to decay from within.

Even cosmetic products such as hair lacquer, talcum powder, perfumes, deodorants, sunscreen and so on can be dangerous to the maintenance of your jewelry. Protect from vapors, greases and oils – especially jewelry with pearls. For this reason, it is important to put on your jewels only after applying the various cosmetic products.

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