The Gemologist

I do not know if I could imagine my life away from precious stones. From diamonds and jewels. I live and work between Milan, Antwerp and London, but everything started for me looking at my father, and before that my grandfather working gold. Today, too, I dedicate most of my time to this profession. The world of gems is my world. When I was a kid I drew jewels looking at nature … Butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, things that are now part of my collections. My passion has always been moved by a family tradition. It was the reason I started a natural course in goldsmith creations. I’ve been working for a long time honing my craft, drawing and creating many collections, until I started to feel that it was necessary to do more. I wanted to understand the stones. So I started a training course to study for a “Diploma of Gemologist” issued by IGI and then a diploma of “European Gemmologist E. G.” issued by F.E.E.G. An exciting journey with new tools. My thirty-year experience is no longer just practical. It is enriched with new knowledge and is mature for even more exciting experiences.

Gemologist Diploma at IGI after obtaining: Graduation Certificate of Gemological Analysis on Color Gems

Expert Diploma in Analysis and Grading of Diamond

European Gemologist Qualification

IGI courses 

Theoretical and practical information on jeweler estimation Expert in jewelry and jewels appreciation Jeweler. Estimator of antique jewels in modern style.

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